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GEO #008 - Sun vs Man, Global Warming Denial 2

Global Warming Denier #1 Sarah Palin

I'm about to move on to the detonation of the M-BOMB, Doomsday Machine, but by this juncture, the Global Warming Deniers (GWDs) have probably jumped back in and said, "Fine, so the planet is undergoing a warming phase, but it is due to natural forces, solar activities to be exactly, not human action." I call this a Level-2 Global Warming Denier, who is just a little stickier to dislodge than his Level 1 counterpart.

Global Warming Denial has 2 levels:
Level 1 (L1): that GW does not exist, and
Level 2 (L2): that GW does exist, but it is not caused by humans.
In [GEO #002], I dealt with L1. Now, in [GEO #008], it is L2's turn.

The L2-GWDs have 2 types:
L2A. those who believe that GW is not caused by humans, and
L2B. those who believe that GW is caused by humans, but for some reason deny it. The most common reason is, for want of a lowlier term, Bribery, the most common currency of which being Oil.

One of the most common angles of attack by an L2 is to say that whatever global warming there has been is due to the irregularities in the Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) impacting the Global Average Temperature (GAT), while using graphs to demonstrate the correlation between the two.

My answer to this argument is:
1. that it is a matter of course, and it stands to simple reason, that an increase in the TSI will raise the GAT, and
2. that the information in the last picture about the TSI on the right hand side of the graph is incorrect; the TSI has been declining since the 1990s, yet the GAT continues to increase.

3. that the GAT corresponds just as well and as closely to the Atmospheric CO2 Concentration (ACC), and

4. that the GAT is not influenced exclusively by either TSI or ACC, but by the two combined.

The following graph is the perfect illustration for #4. Note that on the right hand end of the graphs, denoting the last decade, the TSI curve dips down markedly, while the GAT curve keeps on sharply rising, showing that the ever-rising ACC has taken over from the waning TSI in leading the warming process. But both combined determine the GAT as a whole.

I hope that the L2A-GWDs have seen enough sense in this answer to re-evaluate their belief. As for the L2B-GWDs, what they need is a lie-detector test.

Global Warming Denier #2 Rick Perry

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

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