Thursday, November 17, 2011

GEO #006 - Arctic A/C soon to quit

The Arctic is not on top of the world for nothing. For one thing, it is the world's greatest illusionist bar none.

The Arctic is a main accelerant of global warming, and is where the M-BOMB will be detonated, yet hides this so well from the public eye that half of all Americans not only doubt but deny that global warming even exists.

How it performs this feat of global illusion is by means of Latent Heat, "latent" meaning, appropriately, "hidden".

How can heat be hidden? By not letting the temperature rise. If the temperature remains the same, the untrained eye will perceive that there is no warming at all, in spite of the calories by the billions already added to the system.

The substance of deception for this illusion is ice. But it will run out, and when it does, the Global Mean Temperature will skyrocket. Global warming will then be evident and undeniable, but by then, the Methane Time Bomb will have been detonated, and none but the most drastic, and expensive, measure - full scale geo-engineering - can save us.

For a small demonstration of Latent Heat, dump a kilogram of ice cubes into a pot, top it up with cold water, place the pot on a hot stove and stir the ice water with a thermometer. Question: When will the thermometer begin to register a temperature increase?

Answer: The temperature of the water will remain at the freezing point for as long as there remains ice to be melted. Crank up the heat, and the ice will melt faster, but the temperature still won't rise. It WILL rise AFTER the ice has melted, and it will rise until it reaches the boiling point (100C), where again it will stabilize - until all the water had been boiled off, when the temperature of the pot itself will rise to that of the flame.

It takes 80 Calories (0.334 Joules) of heat to melt one gram of ice - WITHOUT RAISING THE TEMPERATURE. This amount of heat that is not expressed in a temperature rise is called the LATENT HEAT OF MELTING, or ENTHALPY OF FUSION. Water, melting from ice, ABSORBS 80 calories from its environment; and ice, fusing from water, RELEASES 80 calories into its environment. In neither case is the temperature changed, which makes the Arctic ice Earth's northern "air conditioner".

Now, imagine the Arctic Ocean to be a giant pot of ice water, and you will see the real world situation at hand. Latent Heat is a very important factor in climate change that is almost always overlooked and consistently ignored. We are not talking about a few calories here and there. We are talking about trillions of tons of ice lost over the last decade, HIDING 80,000 calories of absorbed solar heat per ton of ice melted, or QUADRILLIONS OF CALORIES in total, WITHOUT SIGNIFICANT TEMPERATURE RISE.

As less reflective sea ice remains and more absorptive open water is exposed, solar heat will be absorbed into the Arctic system at accelerating rates. The last of the ice will disappear very rapidly in the end; Runaway Global Heating will commence without delay.

All this will occur within the next decade, at most two. By then, the M-BOMB, Doomsday Machine, will have been detonated, when nothing short of radical geo-engineering can save us, if we then will have the will, ingenuity and resources to do it with.

While geo-engineering might be theoretically possible, those counting on some unidentified funding source (perhaps from the aliens in galactic currency?) still must bear in mind that even today, when the illusion is in full swing, the world is already financially strapped. Neither will time be on our side.

While the debate rages between those who believe that Arctic warming is due to intensifying solar irradiation or anthropogenic exponential CO2-forcing, or both, the fact remains that the Arctic ice is melting and melting fast, and when the melting is complete, the Arctic air conditioner will run out of fuel (ice) and quit, and the roasting will begin.

Let's look at it this way. You are given $10,000 in your bank account, and you have no further income. Your credit rating at present is A1. You have a standing loan of $20,000, with a monthly payment of $1,000. You keep up your payment and your credit rating remains excellent, until in the 11th month, when your account is empty and you begin to default in your payment. Within 3 months, you'd be bankrupt. When the Arctic becomes ice-bankrupt, the M-BOMB, Doomsday Machine, will detonate.

Anthony Marr, Founder and Preside
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

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  1. Described very well, thank you! It's painfully obvious that global warming is a real issue. I just hope that we can do something before it's too late. At this point we're pushing our luck!