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GEO #002 - Denying Global Warming Denial

[It's official, we're losing climate change battle
from Carbon News
25 September 2008

[The world is losing the battle against climate change, with global carbon emissions rising sharply last year, a hard-hitting scientific paper due out today will show. Dr Michael Raupach, co-chair of the Global Carbon Project, told Carbon News today that mankind needs to move to the equivalent of a war footing if it is to have any chance of combating the major consequences of climate change. “I don't like the analogy, but a lot of people have said we need to treat this as if we need to go to a war footing," he said from France... Raupach, an Australian-based carbon-cycle scientist, says, "I am personally worried that climate change and the resultant pressures of humans on the Earth's systems are pushing us into a state from which we won't be able to recover without crashing, as civilisations do," he said.]

This was reported more than 3 years ago, and we have dug ourselves even deeper since then. Today, even if we get on a war footing, we have wasted so much time, and cranked up consumption so much more, that whatever we do may not suffice. But we have to give it our best shot if we want any kind of future for our kids.

A major reason for our jumping out of the frying pan into the fire is the Oil Lobby which "oils" politicians, all the way up to the top, and make them do its bidding mainly to pay them the infamous OIL SUBSIDY, which amounts to $600 BILLION per year on average, hitting $800 billion in 2010, and as much as $1 TRILLION in 2008, of your tax dollars, when the oil companies ride high on the Fortune 500, while the people cannot afford medical insurance, and the nation itself cannot even honor its own debt obligations and lost a notch in its credit rating which should be looked upon with some national shame.

And what does the Oil Lobby do with this huge windfall year after year? It manipulates gasoline prices at the pump just enough to keep the consumers hooked on oil from now until there is no more oil to be burned, although long before then there would be no more consumers left to burn it. But then, the oil CEOs have long laughed all the way to the bank.

So why would the consumer allow this to happen? Easy. With its ginormous subsidy in its very deep pocket, Big Oil can do whatever it wants, three things first and foremost:

1. use a part of it to "oil" future politicians who will do its ongoing bidding, and

2. wage their quarter-billion-dollar GLOBAL WARMING DENIAL Campaign which makes consumers feel justified to continue burning oil with impunity, and

3. stifle the research and development of its rivals the Green Technologies, which quagmires the consumers in oil even more.

Even today, it makes no difference to drive an electric car, because the electricity by and large comes from the combustion of the fossil fuels, mostly coal.

The Global Warming Denial campaign by Big Oil has not succeeded in dumbing down 100% of all Americans. But the 50% that it has dumbed down is enough to keep Big Oil afloat year after year, while the Earth burns, e.g. Texas.

If a significant majority of Americans take global warming seriously, Big Oil would have no leg to stand on. And the subsidy would have been given to the Green techs instead, where it should.

So, right off the bat, in this blog series, I am going to confront the Global Warming Denial movement head on, and let my readers decide for themselves as they will, on the question:

Is Global Warming true or false, fact or myth, real or a hoax?

In order for the Deniers to prove that GW is a hoax, they would have to turn a few physical laws upside down.

1. Take 4 identical jars and have them filled with a vacuum, nitrogen, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and CH4 (methane) respectively, and sealed. Shine a heat lamp on each for an equal amount of time, then take their internal temperatures, and we'll find that the jar filled with a vacuum will show no temperature rise, the one fill with nitrogen will show very little, the one filled with CO2 will show significant warming,and the one filled with CH4 would show serious heating. This experiment is repeatable, and results are consistent and verifiable. It shows that CO2 traps heat, and CH4 traps 25X as much heat as CO2.

2. Take the same 4 jars, and this time fill them with 1 unit of CO2, 10 units of CO2, 1 unit of CH4 and 10 units of CH4, and we'll see that the one containing 10X CO2 than the one with only 1X will warm up 10X as much; same for the ones containing methane.

Given more and more CO2 and CH4 pumped into the atmosphere, the atmosphere will warm up more and more. There can be no other outcome, much less outcomes to the contrary.

Because of their vast budget, the Deniers have saturated all public venues with their irrational but commanding propaganda, the internet of course first and foremost. Just by googling "Global warming", anyone can accumulated dozens of pieces of graphics. The purpose to create them is of course to discredit Global Warming as a hoax. My way of confronting them is to show a collection of them, one by one, right here, and discredit them back on the spot.

It should not be too hard, since fact, truth and reality are all on my side.

Here is the first one:

I don't have to answer this one. Bill Butler did an admirable job in his essay in [Debunking the Deniers of Global Warming] titled [“The Great Global Warming Swindle” is itself a Swindle]:


This betrays the Denier's basic ignorance of confusing Weather with Climate, and that the presence of snow necessarily means cooling instead of warming. If a place normally gets snow in 10F weather, it will still get snow in 20F weather. The air temperature in this cartoon could have been 20F when in previous years it was 10F. Of course 20F is still cold, but warmer than 10F.

This is the "After" picture. The "Before" picture was so filled with snow that no rock was visible at all. For pictures like this, always demand two pics taken at different times.

Yes, I have no doubt this is how GW denial is sometimes "taught".

A variation on the same fundamentally faulty theme. Perhaps I should mention the fundamental fact about GW, that it refers to the Global AVERAGE Temperature taking into account the data from hundreds of thousands of observation points around the world. A rise in the Global Average Temperature does not preclude snow storms at specific locales, such as New York, while Texas dry-roasts in 100+F for over a month straight.

This again betrays the cartoonist's ignorance of the above, plus the fact that warming has increased evaporation and boosted the atmospheric moisture content by ~5%. This means that when a warm front meets a cold front, the precipitation will be 5% heavier. This is why I continue using the term "Global Warming"!

Ask these same questions about Global-Warming-denying "scientists" and, as Bill Butler has discovered, 100% of them have to twist facts to suit their GW-denying "theory". Further, take this:

Most of the 97% would feel personally insulted.


Same old tired theme.

Same old, same old.

Getting pathetic.

Between this and the following 10 examples, which would you believe?

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Not only is Global Warming real, it is rapidly morphing into RUNAWAY GLOBAL HEATING as we speak. By means of the M-BOMB, it can extinguish 85% of all life on Earth within decades, possibly including our own.

In this light, the Global Warming Denier is a criminal against Animal Rights, against the Environment, against Nature, against Humanity, against planet Earth, and against LIFE itself!

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC) (AM's 3rd-book-in-the-making)

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